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Welcome to Sacramento Wildlife Center!


As a new 501(c)(3) dedicated to local area wildlife and wildlife education,

we're fanning out all across the Sacramento region

to spread the word about the exciting plans we have for

our open-to-the-public wildlife education center and

full-fledged modern wildlife hospital!


In order to succeed, however, we need the help of local heroes like you!


Our heroes come in many forms- donors, volunteers, social media activists, fundraisers- real champions!

Explore our website for the many, many ways you can get involved and thank you  for making a difference!

Volunteers make our mission possible! No matter your skill set, if you're dedicated to making a difference, we'd love to have you join our team! Hands-on and support opportunities available!

Visit SacWildlife at Events!
Help SacWildlife's Mission!
Volunteer at SacWildlife!

SacWildlife relies solely on the generosity of heroes like you to keep our organization running and receives no federal, state, or local government funding. 

SacWildlife hosts or participates in a large variety of events annually. Check in for updates on our latest schedule!

Get Involved
Upcoming Events

Our Mission

Sacramento Wildlife Center is devoted to the rescue and rehabilitation of California’s sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife for release into their natural habitats. We are dedicated to educating the public to respect and coexist with wildlife in the environment.

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