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What We Do

Our goal at Sacramento Wildlife Center is two-fold:

  • to provide the highest quality care to wild animals in need at no cost to the rescuer, and

  • to build a premiere interactive wildlife education center and museum in Sacramento.

All animals trusted to our care will be treated by experienced wildlife rehabilitators working under the consultation of veterinarians, with the assistance of our team of well trained volunteers. All animals in our facility's care will be medically examined and treated, kept in enclosures suitable to their needs, and provided with food catered specifically to their species' dietary requirements, before being released back into the wild after recovery.

Additionally, our volunteer and intern programs will provide passionate individuals with the opportunity to work side by side with wildlife rehabilitation experts as they gain hands on experience working with various species of animals.





In addition to wildlife rehabilitation, Sacramento Wildlife Center is committed to educating our community on the importance of wildlife and maintaining our local ecosystems. We aim to provide the public with experiences that help create life long environmental advocates. We plan on inspiring members of our community through classroom programs, educational events, up close encounters with wild ambassador animals, and our interactive visitor's center. 

If you support our vision of saving wildlife, as well as enriching the lives of the people within our community, please consider making a donation. As a non-profit organization, none of this is possible without the continuing help of generous supporters like you..

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